Renaissance Prague

Renaissance Prague book
Renaissance PragueKAR0372
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9788024638577Eliška FučíkováDerek a Marzia Paton Karolinum
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At the end of the 15th century, when the Jagiellons and, later, the first Habsburg rulers sat on the Bohemian throne, the visual style of Prague began to change from medieval to Renassiance. In this publication, the art historian Eliška Fučíková paints a vivid picture of the Bohemian capital during a time of sweeping change. As she explains, this period saw the development of new architectural motifs across the city. 

In particular, Prague Castle underwent a distinct transformation, including the construction now well-known features such as the Royal Tennis Court and Queen Anne´s Summer Palace. Featuring a consise historical overview and a guide to prominent figures of the time, as well as a variety of illustrations - from painting and prints to contemporary photographs and maps-, Fučíková´s book is a beautiful, enlightning tour through this Renaissance metropolis. 

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