The little man's great journey

The little man's great journeyMEA0031
499 Kč
ISBNAuthorTranslatorPublisherLanguagePagesYear of publication
9788087596753Lenka Uhlířová Meander
16,00 cm21,00 cm 0,40 kg

This is an adventure story by novice writer Lenka Uhlířová and Jiří Stach, creator of the original idea and a respected photographer whose images will take you to a world of fantasy where nothing’s impossible. Readers both great and small will love this book.

The movie Little Man is based on the book.  

The Little Man lives happily in his little world and doesn’t have to hurry anywhere when he’s got enough noodles. He has a dream, however, and as we all know, dreams mean trouble – they don’t leave anyone in peace, not even little people. One day the Little Man wakes up and, to his surprise, realises that something’s missing in his life. That’s why he reluctantly leaves his cosy home and sets out on a journey to find out what that thing is. Who knows what he’ll find at the end of his great journey?

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